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What is proof of a Ghost

This an interesting question which many people find themselves asking, many sceptics will answer with "No Proof, it's all in the mind".  In the past few years interest in the subject of the paranormal has rapidly increased, this is mainly due to all the Paranormal programmes which can be viewed on Sky Channels.  Although many of these programmes may be interesting to watch they still do not answer the question "What is proof of a Ghost?".

Paranormal Investigation can be extremely interesting and very rewarding if studied and investigated in the proper way.  If you carry our regular research into alleged hauntings, interview witnesses, visit the locations and gain general historical knowledge can all help you to start to understand the theory behind different ghostly sightings.

A major problem you will experience is to actually establish the proof of the sighting, while carrying out your investigation you will discover that many of these sightings may be dismissed due to the imagination, auto-suggestion or simple natural causes.  For these reasons it is extremely important that the Paranormal Investigator covers all angles or you cannot present a case which you feel is genuine.  Ghostly phenomena cannot manifest on command and a high percentage of thorough investigations will not really give you any conclusive proof over a very short period of time (one night vigil).  Therefore it is wise not to judge if a location is haunted just after one eight hour vigil.  Some Paranormal Investigators still claim not to have real conclusive proof even after six months of investigation and research into the one location.

Ghostly images caught on camera cannot be classed as proof unless you can prove that there are no technical hitches in your camera or film and if you are using 35mm film it is wise to send the negative to a reputable camera manufacturer with a letter asking if experts would thoroughly examine the negative/film.  The problem we have in this day and age is that Digital Cameras are so sensitive through the technology of today that they are able to pick up dust fibres through the process of the flash.  For that reason it is really wise not to immediately believe that an orb caught in your digital picture is "the start of a ghostly manifestation" as these programmes on Sky will make the viewer believe.  Most Paranormal Investigators will be much more interested in an orb being picked up on 35 mm film or Polaroid photographs.

Mediumship, although very interesting, cannot be classed as proof of ghostly activity.  Many mediums have given pieces of information which can be corroborated, these will usually include: names, dates, gender, historical details of location etc.  On later research it is very interesting if you can find proof of this information the medium gave during the investigation.  However although this information becomes corroborated fact, it still does not prove that ghostly phenomena exists.

The Abbot House - Dunfermline.

Picture taken by Derek Green

Many Paranormal Investigators will carry out their investigations differently from one another, but it is essential that all aspects are covered and that thorough checks of the property indoors and outdoors are done before hand in the help to try to rule out all natural causes when alleged activity is witnessed. 

Many people have different feelings on what is proof but many Paranormal Investigators will find a case very interesting if more than one person has witnessed a sighting at the same time and that the same sighting has been witnessed over a period of time by people of different age groups, nationalities and that all the descriptions are very similar and seem to corroborate one another.

If you are very interested in becoming an investigator into the paranormal, read books first on the subject by authors such as Andrew Green, Hans Holzer, Dennis Bardens, John and Anne Spencer, Harry Price, Jason Karl, James Wentworth Day and Elliot O'Donnel.  And join a recognised Paranormal Organisation where you will gain a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

Happy Hunting!

Derek Green

     Harry Price


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