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The Britannia Music Hall, Glasgow

The Britannia/Panopticon Music Hall


Britannia Music Hall, Trongate, Glasgow

The following pictures were taken by Linda C. Wood at the Britannia/Panopticon Music Hall back in December 2001.  I was asked by Linda who is a member of the Britannia/Panopticon Trust, if I wanted to come along one day and visit the old Music Hall, and I jumped at the chance immediately.  When I entered the building, i immediately felt that there was an energy starting to build in the auditorium, I had a walk round the area that had been the stalls and I could feel that we were not alone.  Judith Bowers, Trustee, took Linda and myself up the back stair to the area that used to be the fly floor.  It was on this floor that I started to feel the presence of a male soldier and I gave a description of his uniform and I explained that it looked like a uniform from the Boer War

I told Judith and Linda that this soldier was standing at the fly floor door which was behind me, and I also had the feeling that his energy from time to time was possibly seen or felt in the area of the gallery, towards the right hand side.  It was becoming clear that I was also picking up another energy to my left as I stood on the fly floor.  The picture on the right hand side was taken by Linda C. Wood as I explained from where I was picking up the second energy.  The view in the picture is to the left hand side and looking to the back of the gallery.  At the time Judith did very clearly say to me that over some period of time she had never seen anything.  However, it was not until at least a good year had passed before I heard that the figure of a soldier had been seen by several people a number of times in the building.  The sightings were in the area of the gallery and the uniform had been described in similar design and colour conforming to the time of the Boer War.

I would like to thank Linda C. Wood of the Britannia/Panopticon Trust for very kindly allowing me to publish these orb photographs from the Britannia on this web site.


The Britannia/Panopticon Music Hall today