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Harry Price (1881 - 1948)

Harry Price
Harry Price (1881-1948) was one of the most well known psychical researchers of his time.  In the 1930s & 1940s, no newspaper or magazine article about an alleged case of haunting or a radio broadcast concerning poltergeists or the supernatural was complete without a contribution from Price.  He himself was a talented and prolific writer and journalist, producing dozens of articles & several best selling books.  A conjuror, engineer, photographer & numismatist, he carried out sittings with countless mediums, investigated all manner of haunted places, founded his own National Laboratory for the scientific examination of psychic phenomena & amassed the greatest collection of occult & magical literature which is still consulted by students & researchers to this day in a career which spanned over four decades & took him all over the world.  It is true to say that he is a father figure of the whole popular ghost-hunting movement that we know today and programme such as the currently popular 'Most Haunted' owe Price a huge amount, possibly without knowing it.

Although his position in the history of British psychical research is well established, Price was a controversial figure in his day & this controversy continues to the present time as in the years following his death he has been accused amongst other things of fraud and deception in several of his investigations and in his most famous case in particular, the haunting of Borley Rectory, known as 'The Most Haunted House in England'. 


The purpose of this website is to provide a resource of information on the Internet about Harry Price his work and his life and times, including biographical information, a chronology of his life and an extensive bibliography of his books and publised articles.  There are major sections devoted to his most famous cases including the 'Poltergeist Girl' Eleonore Zugun, Gef the Talking Mongoose, the Brocken Experiment and of course Borley Rectory.  Price's own organisations, the National Laboratory of Psychical Research and the later University of London Council for Psychical Investigation have their own sections which cover his work in the field of spiritualism and include famous mediums such as Rudi Schneider, Stella C and Helen Duncan.  As well as documenting the past, it is also hoped to be able to contribute to our further knowledge of Harry Price by publishing new & original articles on  his work and the investigations he was involved with.  Contributions to the website by visitors are welcomed - the website is a work in progress and new material is being added all the time. The general e-mail for the site is 

The world of Harry Price, now receding rapidly into the past, looks out at us from the pages of second-hand books & old documents.  The hope is that the technology which is here today will bring Price's world to life & increase our knowledge of the extraordinary personality that was Harry Price. 

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