Scottish Ghosts

Scottish Ghosts and Phantoms - The Haunted History

Different Kinds of Ghosts


These ghosts fall into a serarate category as they are known to return at regular intervals.  The Ghost Hunter of today will often talk about "A Ghost Calendar", these ghosts who are reported to return annually, one theory being that they require the twelve months to build up sufficient energy to manifest again on the recorded date.  However there is a difficulty to this type of ghost, as we all know the human mind is a very powerful and complex subject to understand.  These difficulties can come to hand when we visit a haunted cyclic/recurring location.  We know that it is reputed to be haunted by a ghostly form and at a certain time or date.  As we approach the location at the specific date/time, we could be half-way towards witnessing the alleged apparition before we have even arrived.  Simply the brain has prepared you for the unexpected by telling you what has been seen or heard.  Then the imagination does the rest for you and then it is only too easy to see what we (unconsciously) want to see or possibly hear.  For these reasons it is very important that another observer who is not aware of the cyclic/recurring ghost is present with you at the time.


Ghosts of modern people are very much present today.  The most famous case which was is an example of this kind of ghost was Flight 401 which crashed in a Florida swamp in December 1972.  The pilot and flight engineer were seen on more than twenty occasions after the crash and various members of crew on other planes over a period of time reported alleged sightings of the two men.  It was discovered later on that certain pieces of the crashed plane which were intact had been built into newer planes.  Another story was reported in the late 90's when an airplane pilot was having a break in the cafe at Glasgow Airport and a colleague came over and spoke to him.  At the time the pilot noticed that his friend was rather pale looking and did not have a lot to say, but they did exchange words.  His friend then said his goodbyes and walked out the busy cafe and into the crowded Airport.  The pilot was bothered by his friends strange behaviour, and later on at night went into the pub for a drink.  A regular in the pub approached the pilot with the newspaper and asked him had he seen a certain article.  The pilot not having seen a paper accepted the kind offer, and on the page saw an article about his friend's death.  What was even stranger was that his friend had died before he saw him in Glasgow Airport.


These ghosts have been reported for years from all parts of the world, the classic case is always very similar to the following:- eg. People pass a friend in the street, or see a friend in a building and later on discover that at the same time they were seeing  the appartion, the person involved was undoubtedly somewhere else.  A case like this was brought to my attention a few years ago when a lady had been at an event and during the afternoon she had been walking down a corridor, and she noticed a man who she knew coming towards her.  As the figure passed she made a few pleasantry comments to the figure and was surprised that there was no response.  Later on, mentioning this in conversation to friends, she discovered that the figure that she recognised was in hospital undergoing an operation that very afternoon.


These appearances have been known to take place at or soon after death and at times are not related to any particular location or event.  A very famous instance of this concerned Lady Tryon, during an evening in her house in London entertaining guests, her husband Admiral Tryon crossed the hall and went up the stairs.  As he passed, Lady Tryon very bemusedly asked her husband had he returned early from Sea, and Lord Tryon made no comment and promptly disappeared.  A day later Lady Tryon received word that her husband had been lost at sea while carrying out a Training Exercise.  His Ship "HMS Victoria" had collided with another ship "HMS Camperdown" during a manoeuvre and all the crew of "HMS Victoria" including Lord Tryon had gone down with the ship.


It is not only buildings which seem to have an existance of a haunting, objects are also capable of attracting a ghost or ghostly happening.  There have been numerous cases of haunted objects, some of these have included, Transport, Clocks, Skulls, Clothing, and Faces appearing on the floor.  One famous case was the ghost of a bus which had been seen in the streets of London making approaching drivers swerve to miss it.  Another case was an item of clothing which was used in a play in London, various cast members at different times had to wear a certain jacket on stage and anytime the jacket was put on, shortly after the cast member would complain of feeling a tightening sensation as if they were being crushed. The feeling did not subside until the jacket was removed.


Phantom funerals, which caused some surprise and distress to those who witnessed them, were fairly common supernatural occurrences at one time.  Some of the reports of such funerals record the witness having seen and heard the phantom procession.  Over the years there have also been erie reports of people being pushed aside as the phantom mourners make their way past.  It was always considered by locals to be bad luck if anyone witnessed this phantom procession.